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Musing #62
December 2, 2010, 6:09 pm
Filed under: Comedy, Musing

As some of you may have figured out from some of the poorly drawn artwork that has recently appeared on my blog, I recently purchased a drawing tablet for my computer. I did this mostly because I thought it would be fun to draw some of my own stuff and not have to rely on images from the web for my blog. Some things, like the banner on the page, I spent a lot of time on (and think it looks alright), other stuff (like the pic above) I did in only a few minutes, hence the poor quality. So what’s new besides that? Well, I bought my new car. After talking about getting a new car for the past 4 years, I finally did it. I am glad I waited till I could actually afford a car I was interested in. I got a 2010 Prius and so far I am enjoying driving it. It is the first time I have had a new car and the feeling is quite nice. The car drives smooth and has a lot of cool technology (though it does not always play well with my iPhone). Other than that, work has been pretty busy this week, hence the lack of musings (or an update for that matter). On that end, I have officially been sworn in and am now a licensed member of the California Bar. Michael J, Karlin, esquire, that has a nice ring to it (haha). I have been slowly developing a website (with the help of my friends over at Open Future Media) and I have gotten some business cards made, as well as some other stuff in terms of getting my career off the ground. This of course is on top of business as usual at the office. That’s about it right now, but I’ll try to do a more interesting update this weekend when I have some time.

One last thing, yesterday was the first night of Chanukah.  That being the case, I ran over to Albertsons to get some get some wrapping paper (since I never have wrapping paper and always wait till the last moment to wrap gift) and to my disappointment, amongst many varieties of Christmas “themed” wrapping paper, I could not find one Chanukah “themed” wrapping paper. I mean come on, its 2010 Albertsons, you can’t carry one thing of wrapping paper for those who are Jewish? Anyway, I just found that disappointing.

Also, my buddies and I at Wafflesocks have released our latest internet sketch called “The New Roommate”, here it is:

Soundtrack: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – Let it Ride (live)


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