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Musing #83
January 9, 2012, 11:06 pm
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Another Year, Another Dollar

Busy, busy, busy.  My mind is racing and all I can do to keep up is spit these words out on the screen.  After having an excellent New Years Eve (and not so fun New Years Day of recovery), I stepped back into the office and it was off to the races.  I’m not really complaining about the hecticness, its just after the slowness of December and the holiday season, it takes some adjustment to get back into the swing of things.

It is 2012 and I have noticed two things thus far this year.  One, people love to sue people, but have the decency to wait until after the holidays (does that say something good or bad about humanity?).  Now, this doesn’t go exclusively for lawsuits, as a lot of clients who were holding off on transactional work are now also gearing to go.  So this is a good thing, as an up tick in business is a great way to start off the new year.  But, yeah, people just seem rearing to go from day one of the new year.  The second thing I noticed is how unbridled optimism is quickly detoured at the first sign of failure.  To be clear, this is pretty much referring to new years resolutions (and by new years resolutions, I mean my new years resolutions).  I woke up January 1, pumped, ready to make life anew.  This was the year I was going to go after the things I want, no regrets, no surrender.  In my head, I was optimistic, enthusiastic even, that things were gonna be different, things are going work out my way this year.  Yet, of course this was just foolishness.  Just as quickly as I was ready to change my whole approach to life, I quickly revert back to over thinking every situation, going into my typical investigative mode, rather than just going for it, without thought.  Needless to say, when the investigation turned out sour, I quickly retreated, rather than saying fuck it and going ahead with my original (and albeit more enthusiastic) plan (essentially causing the meeting of someone awesome to quickly be soured by an interested third party basically saying it wasn’t going to happen).  Anyway, the point being New Years resolutions are dumb, because you can’t just change over night, but the year is still young and there is still time for change (it will just takes some work).  And so I remain optimistic (though a little less unbridled).

In other news, 2012 has already started to challenge 2011 for the year of reunions of bands that presumably would never get back together (such as Slapstick and Kid Dynamite) with the announcement of both At the Drive In and Refused appearing at this year’s Coachella Festival.  While it is cool that At the Drive In are going to play again, they were not a hugely important band to me.  I mean I like them for sure, but for me, not a must see band.  Refused on the other hand is just crazy.  Refused was hugely influential on my style of drumming when I was playing in a band, and their record The Shape of Punk to Come, was not only brilliant, but was exactly what its title purported it to be.  The funny thing I have found about great bands that are hugely influential (and basically game changing) is that they usually usher in an era of terrible bands who are highly influenced by them.  In my opinion this was seen before with Nirvana and all the terrible grunge rock that was post-Nirvana.  For Refused it was similar, but with the whole post-Refused era of screamo bands.  So the question becomes: is the greatness of one band worth the damage their predecessors do to music after the bands ultimate demise?  I think the answer is yes, because where time will forget the crappy bands that came about because of a truly great band, the great band can stand the test of time, and therefore it was worth the temporary damage.  That is just my thought on the subject.  As to the actual reunion of Refused, I am very surprised they actually are doing it given the position the band members have taken in various interviews in the past.  That being said, having just done a reunion with my own band from ten years ago, I completely understand it.  Putting all pretensions aside, it is just plain fun to get together with friends who you used to have a great time on stage with playing songs and play a few of those songs for old time sake.  As for Refused, I would love to see it.

Soundtrack: Tom Waits – Innocent When You Dream (off Big Time)


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