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May 30, 2011, 9:35 am
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It’s been a long while since I have updated this thing, almost a month actually.  Now I’d like to say I have a good excuse, like I have just been too busy to write anything (which I have), but really, this has just become low on my list of priorities.  This is kind of sad, since I used to update this almost daily.  Oh well, there are only so many hours in the day.

So I realize I never said much about my New York trip.  Basically, it was a really good time (though exhausting, and I was actually doing some work).  I got to explore the city a little more then the last time I was there, and I feel like I could really enjoy living in Manhattan (if I could ever afford it).  As far as things how things are going with the film, things are going pretty good.  It opens in Italy this week and then the US opening is on August 25th.  There have been mixed reviews, as to be expected with a film like this, by generally, people who have seen the film seem to dig it.   Here is a picture of us at the premiere at Tribeca:

So things at work are going generally good, and we have been extremely busy in the last few weeks.  That being said, I need to get some more entertainment related clients (and probably give out less free legal advice), so if you know anyone who needs legal advice, hit me up.

What else is going on?  A little this and that.

A lot of the tv shows I watch have ended, so that should get me a little extra free time (which is good).  That being said, I started watching the Wire on HBOgo (I didn’t have HBO when the show originally aired) and I think I’m addicted.  So far the show is every bit as good as people make it out to be.

I also bought an iPad 2.  It is an interesting little machine with a lot of potential.  Right now, I use it all the time, but for things that are completely unnecessary.  In the future though, it should become a great tool.  That being said, I’m really enjoying eBooks, especially all the free classics, but find myself downloading more books then I will have time to read.

As for music, hmm, well I went down San Diego for my birthday to catch Rx Bandits play some beach festival in Mission Bay.  They played pretty good, but had a short set cause it was a festival, and the promoters were a little incompetent with setting up the times.  On a side note, Rx Bandits recently announced they are going on hiatus, so I am trying to see them a few times this summer before that happens.   Coming up this month I’m going to check out Bedouin Soundclash at Galaxy, I haven’t seen them in probably 4 years, and one of my favorites My Morning Jacket at the Pantages (I’m pretty excited about this one).  I am also going up to San Francisco for the Asian Man Records 15 year anniversary festival.  This should be a lot of fun, seeing some old friends and seeing some bands that have been broken up forever (like Slapstick, the Broadways, and Slow Gherkin).  It is going to be very nostalgic, a throw back to my middle school and high school music tastes.  As for new records I’ve been digging, lets see, there is the album Rome by Danger Mouse and Daniel Lupi, its an interesting album that is done more like a soundtrack (sort of a concept album).  There is also the new Face to Face record, which I’m having fun with, as it reminds of my youth and all the punk rock of the 90’s.  Also, the new Fleet Foxes is a really good record, digging this one a lot, and Man Man also put out a funky new album.  There is a new My Morning Jacket record coming out tomorrow, which should be awesome, as Jim James is amazing.  Lastly, I’ve been really getting into Frank Turner.  He has a new record coming out next month, but I have been exploring his back catalog.   He is a great songwriter, and what he is all about feels really similar to what I’m about, so I really get his songs.
Anyway, that is all I can think of for now, I will try and update more.  Now I’m off to do some gardening.

Soundtrack: Frank Turner – Photosynthesis (live)


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February 6, 2010, 11:06 pm
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The Power of the Live Album

Today I went used record shopping, as I do from time to time, at Second Spin and I picked up a few albums; amongst them was Little Richard’s Greatest Hits Live. On my way home, I stuck the album in my car stereo (yes I still use the cd player in my car) and gave it a listen. This got me thinking about the obligatory “live album”. Now typically, in the modern music industry at least, the live album is nothing more then a contractual obligation. Contractual obligation in the sense that a band puts out a live album (and these days the live dvd) in order to help fulfill the number of albums they contractually owe to their record label. In the business sense this is a win/win situation for the band and the label. For the band, it fulfills one of the albums on their contract and it can serve as a good stop gap between studio albums allowing the band to remain relevant in a time of short attention spans. For the label, it is easy money because there is little overhead, and if a band is coming off of a successful album cycle, then the live record will sell a decent amount. Because of these factors, typically the live album is nothing to write home about. It was not released because it was a spectacular performance; you listen to it once and then never give it a second thought. The only thing it can be good for is the fact it is usually a collection of all the bands best songs in one place. Yet every once in awhile the live album does in fact catch a spectacular performance and it is truly a powerful thing. Not only does the performance capture the atmosphere of actually being at the show but it also captures the energy of the night and makes you feel connected to the artist at that moment in time. For example, in this Little Richard album you can feel the energy coming from the band, the sweat pouring down the walls, and through Little Richard’s wail you truly feel the passion in the music that is being played. This is truly inspiring and shows the power of music. Unfortunately, this is a rare gem, but when it occurs it is special and can often be the best album in an artist’s catalog.

Some live albums that do it for me: Bob Marley – Live at Leeds (included as the second disc of the deluxe edition of Burnin’), James Brown – Live at the Apollo, Bruce Springsteen – Live: 1975-85, Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol. 5 Live 1975 the Rolling Thunder Revue, The Slackers – Upsettin’ Ernesto’s, and Social Distortion – Live at the Roxy.

Time Machine: If you had a time machine, what live performances would you go back in time and see? A few come to mind right now:

1. The Clash – sometime after the release of London Calling

2. Bob Dylan – The Royal Albert Hall concert and something on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour

3. Bob Marley – Live at Leeds

4. Jimi Hendrix – Live at Berkley